Party RTX (an unofficial anthem for RTX2014)


A Party in the USA Parody originally by Miley Cyrus


ahhh its done. Ive been holding this song in for like 2 years. I wanted to save it because Im going to RTX to film the music video! but that disussion is further away. Anywho. many more covers will be coming i promise because college is done and i am able to record like woah. so i would like to thank

Kelsey ( for puting up with my crap and helping me write lyrics and keep me calm all throughout the process

Michael ( for looking at the lyrics so i could truelymarket it for ALL roosterteeth fans. and for keeping it a secret up to this point. 

and lastly, all the followers who put up with my horrible organization of anything that i want to post. Thank you for being so patient with me.

Guys I absolutely love rooster teeth and other versions might be made because i know i left a ton of people out of this song. Thanks for the listen and it should be on my bandcamp to down load for free momentarily. The link should be at the top of my blog.

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Achievement Hunter


How did I fall in love with…

A man with tattoos and a handlebar mustache,

A man with a fabulous ginger beard,

A man who traps animals and goes on "Murder breaks",

A man with a serious temper, and his cat-loving wife,

A man that screams and has a large nose,

And a man that loves roses and regrets a few jokes.

Imagine Dragons - AH on Top of the World

AH on Top of the World


Imagine Dragons



I’m sorry for all the inconsistencies and mistakes I probably overlooked but this is something i’ve been working on and off on for a few months now and I’m proud of it, so I hope you will enjoy it :)

The main reason why I haven’t been posting anything to this blog recently. But now I am finally free!

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